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  Overview New South Wales Darts (Inc) Overview 29/01/2015

  New South Wales Darts Incorporated is dedicated to the continued progress of the Sport of Darts in New South Wales by servicing the present & future needs of the States/Zones and their members.

  NSW Darts is committed to accomplish this by continuously distinguishing the needs of all players, administrators and supporters effective management, making optimum use of accessible resources and cooperating with its members in the search of excellence.

   It is mission of NSW Darts through unity, to encourage and promote the fostering of the Sport of Darts throughout NSW/Australia.

   With the vision NSW Darts will promote and develop the game of Darts for all o play. It is an objective of NSW Darts for the States/Zones to be competitive at National and International levels and to be an organisation of excellence.

   NSW Darts Values;

   People working together

   Cooperation between States/Zones, their members and the NSW Darts Board of Directors

   Achieving State optimal potential

   The principle of Social Justice

   Professionalism and Integrity in the way we work

   Friendship and Sportsmanship


   The object of NSW Darts

   1. For the Sport of Darts to build and maintain a stronger profile in NSW/Australia as a popular and successful sport.

   2. To make Darts more marketable by raising the overall profile of the sport in a way that will increase involvement.

   3. To increase the number of Dart Players by providing a service: ie provide an infrastructure that will  attract the State/Zones members and keep them involved in the sport.

   4. Provide the maximum availability of the Sport of Darts to all participants and to ensure that access equality is not denied on the basis of gender, age, disability, cultural background or location.

   5. Ensure the standard of Darts in NSW and Australia is raised to a level that will improve the opportunity for consistent success at State, National and International levels, maintain a minimum of four levels of coaching ie level 1, level 1, level 2 and level 4.

   6. Address the issues of all groups; General {Ladies/Men}, Legends, Disabled, 25’s & Under, Junior Darts in New South Wales by raising the profile of the sport at this level.

   7. To establish a National Coaching infrastructure with a professional planned approach to Sports Development.

   8. To seek ways of achieving financial security and independence for the Sport of Darts in State/Zones in New South Wales.

   9. Improve the business proficiency of NSW Darts by appropriately restructuring the Board of Directors to meet the needs of the organisation

   10. To maintain strong representation at the Darts Australia/World Darts Australia meetings (referred to as DA/WDF and to positively contribute to DA/WDF organised operations, policies and performances